Wisconsin Remote Spot

Distance from Nearest Road: 17.2 miles
Distance from Nearest Trail:  approximately 1 mile
Travel Method: 25-foot deep sea motor boat
Hiking Distance One-Way: 
no hiking, all boating
Cell Phone Coverage: Yes
Public Land:
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Something We Learned:  
Refered to as the Caribbean of the North, Lake Superior is a veritable blue ocean of freshwater.  Being the world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area, wind and storms can whip up massive surf rapidly.  Many a ship have gone down in these waters.  Lake Superior holds 2 of the nation’s state remote spots–WI and (can you guess which other and where?). 

September 10, 2015.  Bayfield, Wisconsin.  We left 95 degree temps two days ago down in Illinois, while doing the Illinois Remote Spot.  Way up here on Lake Superior, it’s already fall.  We camped nearby last night within the CheBlue skies and crisp 40-something degree air.  A steady wind blows off the lake from the northwest.  Flags crack like whips down by the dock.  We have hired a local captain, Captain Jeff Nourse, to take us by motorboat all the way out to the farthest island of the Apostle Island Archipelago.  The particular island is fittingly called Outer Island.  The Wisconsin Remote Spot resides on the far northern tip of the island.  There is a boat docking area on the island about a mile and a half west of the remote spot, and we assume that Jeff will have to drop us off there and wait while we bushwhack over a mile hugging the beach to the remote spot.  However, our fine captain had something different in mind for us.