Remote Spot Statistics

Summary statistics from the 33 Remote Spots we have documented thus far as part of Project Remote.

Average Distance From a Road:  6.8 miles (max is WY at 21.6; min is CT Mainland at 1.1)

Average Distance From a Trail (of the 19 land-based Spots):  0.8 miles

Total Travel Miles:  757

Total Hiking Miles:  461

Total Boating Miles:  296

Percent with Cell Phone Coverage:  59%

Percent within Public Land:  88%

Percent with Human Presence Recorded during a 15-minute Remote Spot Assessment:  88%

Percent Reachable in 1 Day*:  64%

*We are able to travel to and document the Spot then return to our point of departure in 1 day

What do these statistics tell you about remoteness in our country?