Take Action

Our main goal with Project Remote is to raise awareness about the extent of roads in our country, the impact of these roads, and the importance of preserving our remaining roadless wildlands.  So you’re aware…now what?  The intent of this page is to direct your energy!

Current Issue Highlight

Please consider getting involved in the initiative to create the Birthplace of Rivers National Monument in West Virginia! This unique designation would drastically increase protection for lands in the Monongahela National Forest and the West Virginia Remote Spot.  More information on this initiative on their website and Facebook.

Learn More – There is a lot of information out there on the internet.

  • Wilderness.net is the most comprehensive site for information about our National Wilderness Areas (roadless!) as designated by our National Wilderness Preservation System.  This site provides maps, law and policy info, and information about our >750 Wilderness Areas.
  • This site provides a searchable database of articles, news, and other resources related just to roads, off-road vehicles, and watershed restoration.
  • Click here for our list of important papers and reports related to remoteness.
  • Shifting Baseline Syndrome describes an incremental lowering of standards that results with each new generation lacking knowledge of …continue reading

Wilderness and Congress – Here are two sources for wilderness legislation in Congress.  Please consider calling or writing your representative and voicing your opinion.  The more of us that do so, the more effective we will be!

US Forest Service – Citizen involvement is critical to managing our public lands.  Don’t forget, these are YOUR lands not their lands.  Did you know you could serve on a US Forest Service committee?  Click here for more information.  Another option is to respond to public comment requests.   Visit the USFS’s News Release page to learn about proposals for which they are requesting comments.

Be a Watchdog – Is there an important road issue near you?  Let us know and we will watchdog together.  Email us (info@remotefootprints.org) with information about the issue and what citizens can do to help.  We will post on our Facebook page.

Join Our Facebook Page –  We often post alerts about requests for public comments relating to wildland issues.