Ecological Discovery Series

Join us on unique experiential learning adventures in North Florida and beyond!  Through the Ecological Discovery Series, you will have the opportunity to learn about local plants, animals, and ecosystems while hiking, biking, and boating through beautiful landscapes from pitcher plant bogs to upland longleaf pine ecosystems.

Longleaf Pine Eco-Discovery (May 21, 2011). Learn everything you can in one day about the longleaf pine ecosystem.  Glimpse the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker.  Explore a pitcher plant bog.  Observe pineland restoration in progress.  Picnic along a wild blackwater creek.  Registration is now closed.

Frog Calls of North Florida - Gather around a pond on a drizzling dark night to listen to the almost deafening sounds of 10 species of frogs calling at once!  Most ponds are dry now so we are just waiting for the summer rains to appear to schedule this one.  Check back soon or join our mailing list to be notified when this class is scheduled.


More to come…..


5 Responses to Ecological Discovery Series

  1. Frank Funderburk says:

    Well done! Your concept is long-overdue. It’s high time for people to pull themselves away from their easy chairs and button-pushing lifestyles and get out into the wild. Nature has so much to offer to those willing to explore it. Your site is a well-developed, engaging vehicle for educating the public and inspiring others to support your cause. Bravo!

  2. Joanie Hopkins says:

    Love your new website, and would like to participate in some of your moderately difficult tracks…Keep me in the loop

  3. Harley Means says:

    I am lucky to be part of the Means family in having had the opportunity to travel the world and explore nature. The experiences that I have had have enriched my life immeasurably. Congratulations Ryan and Rebecca, what you have done here is to give other families the opportunity to experience the things that are really meaningful. In a world where family activities are focused on TV or computer games it is refreshing to see that you are highlighting how families can enrich their lives by exploring the natural world. Families out there……you will never regret letting my brother and his family show you the wilderness way!!!

  4. Celeste Shitama says:

    What a fantastic and creative way to live the passion and spread the word. What a generous way to enable others to enjoy the treasures of the remote and experience the restoration of the human spirit through nature. And then to support the protection of special places will follow. Thanks!

  5. Caroline McCampbell says:

    Now this is good news!! Look forward to participating in the near future.

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