Experiential Learning

On this page we will be providing tools for parents, teachers, and other educators to facilitate learning through experience.  Using Project Remote as one of our platforms, we will guide you through the basic steps:

  • creating the experience
  • sharing the results and observations
  • processing the information through discussion, analysis, and reflection
  • generalizing the experience to connect what was learned to real world situations
  • applying what was learned to similar or different situations

Remote Footprints also will lead groups on unique learning experiences.  Programs will vary by age group, subject, and duration.  Please check back for more details coming soon.  In the meantime, email us ([email protected]) and let us know you are interested.  We will put you on our Experiential Learning list and you will be among the first to be notified when a new program is scheduled.

One of our most popular programs:

Biologist for a Day - Experience a day in the life of a biologist.  It doesn’t matter what field work a biologist does, one day is never the same as another.  What kinds of frogs will you catch in your drift fence today?  What birds have been caught in your mist net?  Will the leatherback sea turtle you’ve been tracking come ashore and nest tonight?

We currently are conducting a research project, through Coastal Plains Institute, in the Apalachicola National Forest that involves an imperiled species, the striped newt, and a new, innovative conservation strategy.  Check back soon for opportunities to assist in this project.

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