Remote Adventures

We offer a variety of outdoor adventures all designed to help families and individuals experience the natural world.  These Remote Adventures span a wide range from day outings to multi-day expeditions.  While we adventure together,  it is our pleasure to facilitate your learning by sharing with you our knowledge of ecology and outdoor living techniques.

Check back for more details about Remote Adventures coming soon.  In the meantime, email us and let us know you are interested.  We will put you on our Remote Adventures list and you will be among the first to be notified when a new adventure is scheduled.

Camping Clinics - We want to help you discover the amazing feeling of spending the night in the woods…or two nights…or three nights.  If you want your children to experience a night in the woods but are not real comfortable taking them yourself, if your camping skills are rusty, or if you have never gone camping but want to try it out, then you have come to the right place.  We offer a variety of different camping excursions for all skill and outdoor comfort levels. Right now, our offered camping clinics are located within a 100-mile radius of the Tallahassee, FL area. Tremendous outdoor opportunities abound in this area.  Click here for details.

Canoe Travel - Cast yourself back in time as you dip your paddle into the clear waters of one of Florida’s spring-fed rivers or maneuver through the closed canopy of an intimate creek.   We will offer opportunities for all skill levels - including no skill at all!  Ryan has 15-years experience paddling from quiet Florida waters to Alaskan rapids.  Rebecca has done her fair share of paddling…and has only flipped a canoe once.

Nature Exploration - Walks for your wildside.  Gather around a pond on a drizzling, dark night to listen to the almost deafening sounds of 10 species of frogs calling at once!  Peer down into the Floridan aquifer as you travel a spectacular sinkhole trail and learn about the prehistoric and geologic past.  Frolic in a bog of pitcher plants and wildflowers.  Experience wilderness on a hike through a federally-designated Wilderness Area.

Geo Jaunts - A Geo Jaunt is a unique, extreme outdoor experience that Remote Footprints offers to individuals and families who really want to challenge themselves or feel an extreme sense of remoteness.

Would you like to wade across a swamp and discover what makes it so mysterious? Hike 20 miles in a single day?  Have you ever stared out to that lonely, distant island of palm trees on the horizon isolated in a sea of salt marsh and wondered what it would be like to stand within it?  Would you like to traverse a wild area completely off trail on a route seldom, if ever, taken by modern humans?  You might just like to go on a Geo Jaunt with Remote Footprints.

Geo Jaunts will be offered throughout the year as opportunities for unique outdoor adventures present themselves within the Big Bend Region of Florida.  Depending on interest level, outdoor conditions, and our availability, we will be offering these unique adventures fairly regularly.

4 Responses to Remote Adventures

  1. Frank Funderburk says:

    Well done! Your concept is long-overdue. It’s high time for people to pull themselves away from their easy chairs and button-pushing lifestyles and get out into the wild. Nature has so much to offer to those willing to explore it. Your site is a well-developed, engaging vehicle for educating the public and inspiring others to support your cause. Bravo!

  2. Joanie Hopkins says:

    Love your new website, and would like to participate in some of your moderately difficult tracks…Keep me in the loop

  3. Harley Means says:

    I am lucky to be part of the Means family in having had the opportunity to travel the world and explore nature. The experiences that I have had have enriched my life immeasurably. Congratulations Ryan and Rebecca, what you have done here is to give other families the opportunity to experience the things that are really meaningful. In a world where family activities are focused on TV or computer games it is refreshing to see that you are highlighting how families can enrich their lives by exploring the natural world. Families out there……you will never regret letting my brother and his family show you the wilderness way!!!

  4. Celeste Shitama says:

    What a fantastic and creative way to live the passion and spread the word. What a generous way to enable others to enjoy the treasures of the remote and experience the restoration of the human spirit through nature. And then to support the protection of special places will follow. Thanks!

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