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Sea turtles by moonlight

Posted on: May 31st, 2012 by
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Experiencing (from a distance) the magic of a sea turtle climbing through the surf and powering up to dunes' edge to lay her eggs is one of the reasons we come to Melbourne Beach.  This stretch of coast, part of the 20.5 mile long Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, is the most important loggerhead sea turtle nesting area in the western hemisphere.  It Continue reading the story "Sea turtles by moonlight"

Turtles on the beach

Posted on: May 30th, 2012 by

Skyla and I are spending the week at Melbourne Beach.  While not remote per se, this beach is actually quite deserted, a main reason why we are here.  I thought my first Remote Note would be about the majestic sea turtles that crawl out of the ocean each night to nest along this stretch of beach and yet... This morning as I was on my daily Continue reading the story "Turtles on the beach"

Wetlands are Drying

Posted on: May 21st, 2012 by
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Ever since the El Nino of 1998-99, North Florida has been gripped by long-term drought. In the 13 years since that time, more often than not, we have experienced below average rainfall from year to year.  There are many ecological indicators of the region's drought, not the least of which is that our local ephemeral wetlands hold water for much shorter intervals than they used Continue reading the story "Wetlands are Drying"

The Beauty of Common Things

Posted on: May 19th, 2012 by
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We are dipnetting for amphibian larvae today in a couple spectacular, ephemeral wetlands.  An "emphemeral" or "temporary" wetland goes dry periodically and naturally.  Because they dry every so often, ephemeral wetlands do not support predatory fish.  Many amphibians breed and exist in permanent wetlands that harbor fish.  But, there is a whole suite of amphibians that cannot tolerate fish.  They have evolved behaviors and physical Continue reading the story "The Beauty of Common Things"