Guided Eco-Jaunts

We provide guided adventure-learning tours of Florida natural wonders to give you the best outdoor experience you have ever had in one day.  This type of interaction is informative, experiential, and friendly.  It is our organizational mission (and pleasure) to connect people like you to your public wildlands.  We have 40 years of combined experience as wildlife ecologists and even more as outdoor explorers.

Below are some examples of what we can do.  Individuals and families welcome.  You are not limited to these ideas and we will be happy to consult with you to create the trip you are looking for.  These are day-trips, but we would be happy to do all-out, multi-day excursions upon request.

Reptiles of North Florida - North Florida is a herpetological wonderland.  We will take you out all day in search of as many creepy crawlies as we can find.    As herpetologists-we know where, how, and when to find them.  If scaly critters are your thing, let us deliver you to herpetological heaven.

Gators Galore - We decided to make alligators a trip unto itself.  Florida is the best place in the world to view the awesome American alligator both in the water and sunbathing on the banks.  We will spend part of a day and evening gator watching and learning gator natural history.  This could be you…

Amphibians of North Florida - With 27 native (and 3 exotic) species of frogs, and about as many salamanders, we will go out all day to special areas to find critters that live both on land and in the water (amphi = of both kinds).


Wild Wacissa - Allow us to guide you down the wildest, most pristine first magnitude spring fed river that remains in north Florida.  Swim, snorkel, view world class wildlife, and learn about spring ecosystems.  Bring your own canoe or kayak, or we’ll rent some.

Longleaf Pine Ecosystem - This is an endangered ecosystem that has been reduced to only 2 % of its original Southeastern US range.  Turns out that Florida has most of what’s left.  Learn all about the fascinating ecology as we show you some of the finest longleaf pine stands remaining in the world.


Wonderful Wakulla - Encounter majestic manatees, herons, and gar while exploring the mysterious waters of Wakulla River.  Snorkel this clear, first magnitude, spring-fed river, swimming among fish, turtles, mussels, and waving plants, and see fossil remains of extinct animals known as Pleistocene “megafauna.”


Nature Photography -  Whatever your interest, we will make sure you get the subject and lighting of your dreams.


Bird watching - If you are looking at this, then you may already know that Florida has some of the worlds best birding!  Whether you want to rack up a large species list in one day or see something specific, we know when and where to go to have the best chances to see whatever you want.

Spring Fever -  Tour the Florida Big Bend in search of springs, caves, sinkholes, and other diverse karst features of the limestone-rich local Florida landscape.  Learn karst geology, ecology, and conservation issues facing our crystal clear waters.

Ephemeral Wetlands  -  Let us share with you our primary professional research interest.  Florida is home to countless thousands of small, isolated water bodies that periodically go dry.  Scoop a dipnet, get your feet wet, and catch tadpoles, frogs, crayfish, and see a spectacular variety of aquatic invertebrate animals.

Citizen Science - It would be our pleasure to take you to our outdoor office in the Apalachicola National Forest and let you participate in our 5-year study to re-introduce the imperiled striped newt (salamander) back into a place that it used to call home.  This entails some light walking, dipnetting, and drift-fence checking.

Guided day hike - Take a short, medium, or all-day hike through a multitude of Florida ecotypes.  Get some excercise while learning about natural Florida.


Custom Eco-Jaunt - Make up your own trip.  We will be your ambassador and guide to do most anything outdoorsy that you have always wanted to do (but you could never get anyone to do it with you).  This is our calling.  What do you have in mind?

Cost for an Eco-Jaunt will vary depending on distance, number of people, length of time, and expenses.  We will provide you with a Rebecca-made gourmet, organic, and local as possible lunch on-the-go.    Contact us today to schedule your Eco-Jaunt!

(We are continually searching for funding sources such that, if successfully funded, we would be able to provide eco-jaunts to the public for free or at minimal cost!  When this happens, it will be a major victory for people interested in getting outdoors and for conservation.  You’ll know as soon as we do when this happens…)

One comment on “Guided Eco-Jaunts

  1. Harley on said:

    I have personally been on many trips with these folks and highly recommend their services. Ryan and Rebecca both have diverse backgrounds in ecology, biology and natural history and are experts in many things other than the biota. Once you venture into the wild with this family your life will be changed forever! I can’t wait to get back out with them!!

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