Florida Big Bend Remote Spot Guided Trip

Would you like to really be green on St. Patrick’s Day?  We invite you to experience the challenges and rewards of a Remote Spot expedition with us in the Florida Big Bend.

On Sat. March 17th, Remote Footprints will lead an all-out, all-day expedition into the remotest location between the Suwannee and Apalachicola Rivers.  Our calculations place the Remote Spot precisely in the middle of Bradwell Bay wilderness.  Unfortunately (or, rather, fortunately) the Remote Spot is nowhere near the Florida Trail that runs through the Wilderness Area.  Instead, the Big Bend Remote Spot is 2.7 miles from the nearest road that runs along the perimeter of the wilderness area-and it is 2.1 miles from an interior stretch of the trail.
Our plan is simple.  We will begin our excursion from the point along the perimeter road that is closest to the Remote Spot.  From here, we must hike off-trail for 2.7 miles to get out to the Remote Spot.  Once there, we will spend a few minutes basking in the glory of our accomplishment, then get down to the business of documenting the location just like we do for Project Remote.  This is an opportunity for you to experience what it is that we do when we Go Remote state by state.  It will be a unique, challenging, and rewarding experience.  Going Remote is never exactly easy, but the rewards are plentiful, and we will be delighted to share this memorable experience with anyone who is up for it.

This outdoor excursion will require good physical fitness, appetite for adventure, and a great attitude.  Hiking off trail is much more time consuming and physically challenging than walking along a trail.  This excursion will take approximately 8 hours overall.  You should pack plenty of food and water, bug repellent, durable yet light synthetic clothing, shoes that can get wet, and whatever other personal gear you should need.  We will interpret the local natural history as we truly experience remote wilderness together.

We encourage you to think carefully about bringing children.  As with expeditions to state Remote Spots, this trip has not been vetted.  There will be dense brush and likely standing water and unstable ground to wade through in places. We are not sure ourselves whether or not we will carry Skyla in the backpack.

Registration closes March 15th.

Remote Spot Registration

Once you register, we will email you with more detailed information, including exact meeting location.

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