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Simply visiting our website is a great way to be involved in the discussion about remote areas. Please feel free to leave comments on our web pages or contact us directly. Monetary donations are greatly appreciated and are an important way to advance our mission of learning about remote areas and working to save them.  Remote Footprints cannot succeed without you.  We stand together as a community of individuals and organizations who are passionate about saving our nations’s famed and previously unknown remote areas.  There are other ways you can get involved as well…

Monetary Donations -  Remote Footprints operates within Coastal Plains Institute, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  All donations made from this website go directly toward Remote Footprints and are tax deductible.  We have virtually no overhead so you can be confident that your money will be directly applied to our mission.  Clicking here will take you to our donation page.

In-Kind Donations - Okay, maybe you are short on the cash these days but if you want to get involved and can donate your skills, we’d love to hear from you.  Are you an expert web designer? A lawyer specializing in non-profit organizations? Do you have amazing video editing skills? Experience with developing education materials?  Get in touch with us at [email protected]

Get in on the Discussion - These webpages can be a vector to learn more about conservation issues, express your opinions, get out your ideas, and make comments.  Learn more about and discuss remoteness issues on the Take Action page, research remoteness on the Remote Resources page, and add your comments and ideas to the Discussion page.

Find Us on Facebook - We are continually updating our Facebook page with photos, discussions, and stories from our latest ventures.

Help us Watchdog - Conservation takes a lot of diligence.  It seems there are always new bills introduced or new rules proposed that impact our wildlands.  If you learn about an issue that needs public comment please let us know and we will spread the word on our Facebook page and on our Take Action page.  You can email us at [email protected]

Spread the Word - If you enjoy being part of the Remote Footprints community, share our information and website with your friends, your colleagues, and that guy at the coffee shop who you overheard lamenting the noise pollution at his favorite camping spot.

Become a Partner - We are always interested in partnering with companies and organizations to build our capacities and facilitate the accomplishment of our missions.  Contact us at [email protected]