Training Hikes - Don’t Fight the Outfits

We started training Skyla to hike when she was about 3 years old.  We wanted her to experience the joys of hiking in the woods but, more importantly, we are preparing for the day when she is too big for our child-carrier backpack.  While we were off on Project Remote this summer, my pack weight was in the low 50s.  That is a lot of weight for someone my size.   I am not sure how much longer I will be able to carry her and we still have some big states to document - Wyoming, Colorado, Washington.

Anyway, we had a tendency to make sure Skyla was wearing clothes similar to what we wear when we are on a training hike.  It was always a bit of a fight — her ‘field clothes’ are not near as colorful as her regular clothes and my girl likes to dress in colors…a lot of them — and she started dreading what was supposed to be a fun and inspiring walk.  Then one day I figured it out.  Let the kid wear whatever she wants.  It doesn’t really matter.  I make sure she has on good walking shoes but other than that I let her go wild.  This is just another one of those Pick Your Battle situations.  Think about what really matters - for us that is getting her out and walking - then make it happen however you can.  Its been…interesting…but very successful.

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One comment on “Training Hikes - Don’t Fight the Outfits

  1. Anita Spring on said:

    Hi Rebecca and Skylark
    I like your website/blog, and cute photos of Skylarks hiking outfits. Ryan (and Harley) are working with us on the dives, so it’s nice to see the rest of the family. Good work on the hiking boots, she will most likely want fancy sandals soon, so I suggest a discussion of a wardrobe range.


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