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Training Hikes - Don’t Fight the Outfits

We started training Skyla to hike when she was about 3 years old.  We wanted her to experience the joys of hiking in the woods but, more importantly, we are preparing for the day when she is too big for … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Cracker Barrel and Paris - or - What Toy to Bring for Your 4-Year Old on a 10-day Backpacking Trip

A daunting task, isn’t it?  To think about what toys you can bring on a 10-day backpacking trip that will entertain your child and keep her happy in the wilds…and don’t forget you have to consider weight here.  My pack … Continue reading


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Unschooling Homeschool at the Beach Part 2

Lest you think that either Skyla or I are living in a dream world, let me share a story.  Remember how I planned to use the cool stuff at the beach to teach all kinds of things like math, comparisons, … Continue reading

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Camping Entertainment

We just returned from a month-long journey for Project Remote, documenting the most remote location of the 7 northeastern states.  While we were able to crash at 9 different houses during our trip, most of our time was spent camping. … Continue reading

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Nursing a Toddler

I know everyone has been responding to Time magazine’s article and I guess Time is getting what they want — a lot of people saying, “Time magazine.”  Afterall, any publicity is good publicity…or something like that.   I have not … Continue reading


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The Best Birthday Presents

Today, Skyla and I dropped off the birthday gifts she collected ‘for the kitties’ at the Leon County Humane Society Shelter.  In lieu of birthday gifts last year she collected books for the My First Books reading program and I … Continue reading


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Being Honest with your Food

This is a story about being honest about where your meat comes from as well as about what a great wife I am. I have no doubt you will be extolling my virtues by the end of this story. As … Continue reading


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Singing on the Trail

One of the joys of backpacking or hiking with a toddler is the sound you hear in your ear while walking down a trail.   My daughter asks many questions (what plant is that?  where is the river going?  was that … Continue reading

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Backpacking with a Toddler and 4 Words You Never Want to Hear

“I Want My Potty!” Uh-oh My almost 3-year old has peed in the woods for over a year and been pooping among the leaves and dung beetles for at least 4 months now.  So setting out on a 3 day … Continue reading


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Canoeing with a Toddler

We recently canoed to the Arkansas Remote Spot on the Ouachita River.  It was a 7.1 mile paddle one-way but the current was slow and the going pretty easy.  One reason it was such a great trip is because Skyla … Continue reading

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