One Pan Camp Meal Idea

We are on the road for Project Remote again!  This time we are out to document the New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and South Dakota Remote Spots.  We do a lot of backpacking for Project Remote but more time is spent living out of our vehicle and car camping.  When car camping, I usually try to make a bunch of something for dinner that I can then add eggs to the  leftovers for breakfast…less time chopping, cooking, and cleaning that way!   You can adjust this ‘recipe’ very easily based on your particular dietary concerns or interest.  I always try to incorporate local flavors when we travel.  This time it was local roasted chiles!

Dice potatoes very small (so they will cook quickly).  I used 5 red potatoes for this.  I find red wine helps with camp cooking…

Saute the potatoes in some kind of fat (butter, olive oil, coconut oil, whatever you have).  Let them sit for a bit between stirs such that they get crisp and brown.

Add ground meat (we used venison) or cooked beans as well as some veggies (I used roasted chiles from a Las Cruces NM co-op and spring onions).  Add salsa (I used 2 jars of a salsa we bought at the same co-op).  You can top with cheese and/or corn chips or tortillas.  You could use tomato/spaghetti sauce instead if you are inspired by a different regional cuisine!

The whole meal comes together in under 30 minutes and only one pan to clean (plus a cutting board and knife).

Let cool then put the leftovers in a container in your cooler….don’t forget to actually put them in your cooler…we almost left ours on the front bumper overnight.  The next morning, dump them in a fry pan with some eggs (I used 5 for the 3 of us).  Breakfast is served!

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  1. Rebecca on said:

    PS. In times of trouble (late at night, rainstorms, crazy winds, no running water, too much of said wine mentioned above) I have also thrown the whole pan with leftovers in the cooler then reheated in the morning with the eggs (and more fat). Works perfectly!

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